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Gisela Mayer Derma Tec Blue Liner Klebestreifen 24mm 36 Stück

Artikelnummer: 201226556
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A reliable and pleasant hold is particularly important so that you can feel completely comfortable with your second hair! These Derma Tec Blue Liner adhesive strips from Gisela Mayer ensure that your wig or hairpiece cannot slip and is securely attached to your head even in wind and weather. The 24 mm extra wide adhesive strips can be easily attached to your second hair because they stick on both sides. So attach the strips inside the outfit, clean your scalp with a special, fat-dissolving cleaner and put your second hair on your head as usual. Now you just have to press the adhesive strips a little and you get a reliable, pleasant hold! You get this product in a practical quantity of 36 pieces.

Gisela Mayer Derma Tec Blue Liner Klebestreifen 24mm 36 Stück

15,73 14,30 inkl. MwSt.
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